A New Addition to the AVMAN Family

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, July 1, 2017-MOSAIX Software, Inc. today announced the release of its next offering in the AVMAN® family, AVMAN® – FBO SERIES.

“AVMAN® – FBO SERIES will finally provide FBOs with a complete modern system to manage their entire operations. From the beginning of the business process, through the functional operations of the FBO, to the management and collection of performance data, AVMAN provides all the functionality required by an FBO to manage its business,” said David Castaldo, MOSAIX’s President & Chief Executive Officer.

AVMAN® – FBO SERIES is the first fully integrated cloud-based ERP system designed specifically for the management of FBOs. It will help FBOs maximize profitability, improve efficiency, and focus on customer service. “Please hold” and “Stand by” will no longer be constantly uttered by line technicians and CSR. Pilots will get faster service and the front desk will be able to shift focus from managing fuel requests to providing exceptional service. AVMAN is the first true FBO enterprise system. It begins with a strong accounting system and then layers, integrates, and automates the FBO’s business processes bringing together marketing efforts, fuel sales, hangar rentals, and other business functions. Containing features such as a real-time dashboard, reservation calendar, CSR Fuel Order Board, Ramp Fuel Board, fuel safety systems, hangar management, and CRM. FBOs will not need any other systems to run their business.

About MOSAIX Software, Inc.

MOSAIX Software, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides cloud based, data collection and management systems to business and government. MOSAIX has leveraged its long history of providing advanced accounting systems to business and grants management systems to government, in its two primary products AVMAN® and IMPACT™. Released in 2016, AVMAN® for Flight Schools, provides integrated capabilities for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, credit card processing, pilot and aircraft management, with its accounting system. In 2017, MOSAIX released AVMAN® – FBO SERIES, to provide FBOs with a fully integrated solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. AVMAN’s automation of business processes in fuel sales, hangar rentals, and other services provided by typical FBOs will help to reduce errors, improve safety, and lower overhead costs.

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